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Meccano Home: From educational toy to real furniture!

In 1901 Frank Hornby, a clerk from Liverpool, England, invented and patented a new toy called "Mechanics Made Easy" that was based on the principles of mechanical engineering. It was a model construction kit consisting of perforated metal strips, plates and girders, with wheels, pulleys, gears, shaft collars and axles for mechanisms and motion, and nuts and bolts to connect the pieces. The only tools required to assemble models were a screwdriver and spanners (wrenches). It was more than just a toy: it was educational, teaching basic mechanical principles like levers and gearing. (Source:

Now you can enjoy Meccano as a grown up and build your own super sized furniture. Meccano Home is sold both as individual parts and in prepackaged sets, so check Meccano Home out here and start constructing!

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